Monday, June 2, 2014

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Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF15

Purchase Price $22.50 + tax
Retailer Multiple ( , Sephora, Ulta)

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Product Review:

If you are looking for your next tinted lip balm this IS it. Having always been on a quest for what I considered a beneficial tinted lip balm was next to impossible with the list of brands out there who supposedly have the “best”. Between an obnoxious amount of shimmer that some balms have, or consistency like a gloss I had just about given up my search. Since this was on my 12 Wants of Christmas Mr. Cootie had picked this up as a gift, and I am so glad he did.

This specific lip treatment satisfied all my needs and then some. Anything that has SPF for skin is always a plus in my book but also having nourishing oils that help maintain a lip regimen keeping lips is a key feature. Whenever I don’t want a bold lip and can’t wear gloss on a windy day, because of the dreaded hair smearing into my lip gloss, this is the perfect solution. Just the right amount of color to highlight the rosy color in my cheeks and give me enough shine without looking wet. However after prolonged use I had not seen much improvement in lip moisture until I used other lip products and balms by GlaMer Lips. But this Sugar Rose Lip Treatment has helped in keeping my lips moist after establishing a great foundation. Now like most factors that come into play when I want to purchase or in this case repurchase a products $22.50 + tax is a little steep but for what it is worth the cost to product ratio is fair but other suitable tinted lips balms can be had at approximately half the price.

End result, this is a good product for those who want a subtle color added to a nude dry looking lip who would benefit a moisture barrier from the elements. Or those who already have an established lip scrubbing routine that want to protect with a natural looking tint of color.