Monday, June 9, 2014

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MAC Candy Yum Yum Matte Lipstick

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Product Review:

The perfect name for the perfect color. This lipstick is oh so sweet that after MAC discontinued it the lovelorn fans begged for its return. Finally MAC heard all the makeup junkies united via social media and allowed us to vote it back into production and since then it has been back on our lips. If you are not aware MAC has a penchant for Limited Edition runs, some of these products fall to the way side never to return.

Being a bold neon hot pink with slight blue tones makes this the perfect color for medium, tan, and ebony skin complexions. Do not think this color is merely going to fade or not be as vibrant once applied. Now since I have such a fair colored skin on those “rock” days this makes a big statement that can’t be ignored. Moisture is key when using this matte color as it will definitely pick up those fine lines so use a proper moisturizer first. Surprisingly this is a long wearing product as I have gone all day without losing any color, as a matter of fact it has actually stained my lips until the following day! And as a simple fix to remove a bulk of the color any makeup wipe works great and for the stained bits a quick scrub with GlaMER Lips Scrub and presto all clean.

I’m constantly receiving compliments and being asked where to purchase it, and this is exactly why it will be making my kisses yummy for a long time. For that little extra POW to your kisser add Melt Cosmetics Darling for a blended or ombre effect.