Monday, June 30, 2014

On The Shelf


Orange Cleansing Soap

Purchase Price $20 (16oz)

Retailer (Nordstrom, Ulta)

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Product Review:

It has become apparently clear that I have an ongoing love affair with anything orange scented in the skincare world. Most of the products I tend to use or try have some kind of citrus notes. In the morning grabbing this cleansing soap in the shower is a must to concentrate on restoring moisture and just using a gentle product considering the harsh cleaning ritual it goes through most nights from my makeup removal routine. So I figured if this was so great in the morning perhaps I should try it at night as well.

The texture of this product is great, a creamy not heavy soap that lathers slightly with no real feel of grittiness like other cleansing soaps. It washes away leaving no residue behind and leaves the skin so soft to the touch it is ridiculous. By far this is the best my skin has ever felt after washing it with a cleansing product. There is no over powering faux orange scent here just a gentle whiff so your nose is alerted and your eyes widen. With just a large pea size amount you can really feel the difference and realize you have spent you money on the right product this time. This is one of those “it will work for anyone”, unless you have known allergies to the contents, from those with sensitive skin issues to normal.

I can see myself at sixty still buying this and enjoying it the way I do now. With a company like Mario Badescu being around for forty five years so far, I highly doubt I will ever have a problem restocking my shelf with their products.