Monday, June 16, 2014

On The Shelf


Urban Decay Electric Palette

Purchase Price $49 + tax (This was a gift)

Retailer Local Sephora

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Product Review:

With all the excitement shifting toward bold bright colors this palette was highly anticipated by all of us rainbow color loving freaks. The packaging gives off an electrified glimmer into what is held beneath the lid of its hard plastic case. Once inside the array of color is most likely not what the average eye shadow palette buyer had in mind. But instead, a choice of ten standard size highly pigmented pans sit eagerly waiting for their turn to be applied in a whimsical or serious fashion creating a very personal statement.

Being a huge fan of Urban Decay products, especially eye shadows, receiving this as a gift was awesome! Sadly it did not have what I would consider to be the best selection of neon charged pigments in this palette. The best example for me would be the almost Gatorade colored Thrash, a pale yellow/lime green that could have been replaced with a true neon yellow and that is simply my opinion. Onto the fun and what electrified me about this palette. Revolt, even though not a neon color, stands out with its silver metallic glitter specks so use it to solo like I have or blend it for a new pop on an old favorite. Savage is the hot neon pink that not only will work for your eyes but chalk some onto your hair for a splash of color on your locks. Slowburn is my favorite in this palette as it is a true color in and out of the pan having a vibrant reddish orange glow it will make you want to try this for sure.

Sugarpill Pro Palette top UD Electric Palette bottom
There have been ample amounts of comparisons made to Sugarpill’s line of colors. Having their Pro Palette I can say for a fact the colors are all matte, the pans are larger, and these are true neon colors when held next to the UD Electric Palette. Remember these are two separate companies with two separate fan bases. So to say one did this and this one is better is somewhat irrelevant.

With the world of social media being what it is I have seen so many using the Electric Palette and creating such unique fun and dramatic looks which will definitely mean trying some new looks this summer.