Monday, March 23, 2015

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Overview: LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Mask Of Magnaminty – Self Preserving

Purchase Price $12.95 + tax

Retailer Local LUSH store

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Product Review:

After reading such wonderful reviews on beauty websites and being a fan of Catastrophe Cosmetic I was ready to try another LUSH creation.
Unlike a majority of other face masks offered by LUSH with a specific use by date Magnaminty is “self-preserving” meaning it does not need refrigeration, and can last up to five months! Having had my black signature container for three months I have not seen any change in color or consistency. This is a minty-green chunky mask that does not look appealing in the container or on your face but the minty smell wins for best aroma in a face mask.

Once on the face or body there is a slight tingling sensation that is not overwhelming and does not last long. Being made with China Clay, honey, vanilla, and fresh peppermint LUSH claims it will “pull dirt from pores”, “calm redness and soothe.” For me these claims seem possible as my face felt “clean” but the calming of any redness was not felt or seen. Leaving this mask on for 10 – 30 minutes allows for it to stiffen on the face to an almost rubbery texture which was somewhat difficult to wash off. The use of warm to hot water was needed as the mask really dig cling to my skin. The Aduki beans do feel like a natural exfoliator however cleaning up my sink was more of a chore than a treat for me afterwards.

Final thoughts on this are not as glowing since I did not feel like I benefited from this mask. Problem breakout areas seemed worse after use and actually seemed as if it created more breakouts. However the price on a fresh handmade product like this is great for the amount you do receive. Plus since the container is a part of LUSH’s recycling program I will be able to put it toward another product I like or want to try. But sadly, this will not be making a return to my shelf.