Monday, March 9, 2015

On The Shelf

Overview: Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Ooh La La Sexy Eyes Trio

Purchase Price $12.95 + tax

Retailer Multiple (CVS local)

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Product Review:

Physicians Formula is a company where the products I’ve bought were always dermatologist approved. Even though this trio was given to me it is as well dermatologist approved. Finding drugstore alternatives for cosmetic counter eyeliners always is a task. Add in the fact most “good” ones are usually expensive and you may wonder, what can be left? Again, want to say thanks to the co-worker and reader of this blog who gave this set to me.

The Sexy Eyes Trio is very appealing as it stores so neatly into a “provocative pouch” always ready for on the go action! Having your choice of three different types of liners means you’ll most likely love at least one of them. First up was a retractable pencil liner, which was my favorite. It lined the upper and lower lids perfectly and worked well for the inner rims without any smudging. Surprisingly I feel it could last a full 24 hours on upper lids, let’s say in the form of a cat-eye, without major issues. Next the Kohl Kajal was smooth to apply but smudged a great deal. I always seemed to mess the tip of the crayon like liner whenever recapping for storage. Last, the felt-tip eyeliner, for me, was a no go. Mine was completely dried out from the minute I tore into it fresh from the packaging.

Out of the two that I was able to use I had no issues with sensitivity or irritation to eyes or skin. This truly is a “hypoallergenic” product as promised along with being gluten and paraben free. I would say a good try for any shelf and the results I had would make me confident to try one of Physicians Formula full size eyeliners.