Monday, March 16, 2015

On The Shelf

Overview: Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

Purchase Price $8.99 + tax

Retailer Local Ulta

Check out for more product info

Product Review:

Spring could not be getting here soon enough for this chickadee to remind me warmer days are certainly head. But to shake those wintry blues away, and almost fast forward to summer, the heavenly coconut aroma of this spray will magically teleport you to your very own beach front bungalow…well at least your hair.

This spray is simple to use on out of the shower wet hair or dry as can be morning bedhead, as I’ve done both. On wet hair I get more refined curls and spraying on dry hair has given me that simple beach wave look this product boasts. I’ve seen a friend with poker straight hair achieve the easy beachy tousled hair with no problems. It definitely adds shine to those no shampoo days too, which is probably from the “hydrolyzed silk” and pro-vitamin B5. As the Dream Waves mists onto hair it does not weigh it down or leave it dull and crunchy the way other sprays sometimes do. So if you are looking for that true “beach hair wave”, look no further Dream Waves delivers!

To sum up: 1. Affordable. 2. Product delivers on promises. 3. Demonstration on the Marc Anthony website on how to use (click link above). 4. Coconut smell is not overly chemically artificial. This was truly a dream addition to my shelf!