Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Breakthrough Brands

GlaMER Lips

Starting my 2014 off with this company seemed only appropriate since not only was I able to use these wonderful products from this company but actually won them in a give-away this past December. GlaMER Lips is the creation of Mercedes Porredon a skilled professional makeup artist of Makeup By MER. With her talent and drive she forged ahead with a fantastic idea and created a product line that is not only 100% organic but 100% user friendly! Lip scrubs are not necessarily on everyone’s minds, or lips, but with GlaMER Lips Lip Scrub they should be. And lately with the Instagram craze of posting pics of everything #GlaMER Lips are popping up frequently! So after finding the right flavor scrub be sure to add a GlaMER Lips Lip Balm to seal those kissable soft lips.  

Being an East Coast native Mercedes must have experienced her share of harsh Northeast winters having lived in NYC and along with now residing in Florida where humidity is a constant issue saw an opportunity to create something for a niche market. Lips are a complicated business and I can assure you not only do you need to find that right balance of product use, but seriously gone are the days of slathering on globs of petroleum jelly with GlaMER Lips products. The list of different oils and natural ingredients almost makes you mouth start to water reading them. And on that note, as stated in my On The Shelf Reivew, the Lip Scrub simply tastes delicious!

Having a strong background in marketing and art Mercedes definitely has an edge in the makeup/beauty world. She not only knows what she wants but she knows what is working right now. I am a true believer not only in her products but her as a strong business woman. She has been more than sincere in her correspondence with me and also took the time to do an E-mail Q & A session which I will post later this month. For now go check out this great Breakthrough Brand and end your battle with dull, flaky, and dry lips. You’ll be glad you did and soon be on your way to GlaMER-ous Lips!