Monday, February 24, 2014

On The Shelf


NYX Candy Glitter Liner

Purchase Price $4.50 ea +

Retailer  Multiple Online I received as a Gift

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Product Review:

***NYX has currently replaced this product with their Liquid Crystal Liner. You can still find these online and at some physical retail/discount retailers.***

I may just have to legally change my name to Rainbow Sparkles if the time ever becomes appropriate. But for now I will gladly except all that glitters in the form of makeup. When I tore into this gift, this past Christmas my friend did an awesome job grabbing these up as a present, excitement was all over my face after seeing the range of colors and the size of these liners.

The only other liquid glitter eye liner I use is Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal, so my expectations were set somewhat high. Plus all of the other NYX products that are constantly “on the shelf” reviewing these liners that much tougher.

First off, NYX didn’t disappoint! The spectrum of colors makes it easy to grab at least one to try. Sticking to the NYX standards these little guys are set at a stellar price enabling everyone to take a chance without the guilt of not liking it. Next, the application wand is slightly thicker than I was used to but completely manageable without feeling awkward. Actually the thickness of the applicator tip glided smoothly and placed a generous amount of liner from first application, a problem I have had with other brands. The glitters are vibrant and plentiful on the brush making it a one stroke job for some easy eye candy.

Consistency is wetter than I would have liked but it is still applicable without any drops. Once dried in a few minutes, and I do mean minutes and not seconds, it stays on and wear beautifully all day. My only major issue was slight irritation that it caused me upon initial application under my eyes. It did cause me to tear up but thankfully not enough to ruin the liner. It did after a few seconds become subdued and in my opinion was bearable discomfort for the end result. No one ever said “Beauty is painless.”

In the end the pros of this heavily outweigh the one slight con, but in defense of the NYX liners I am more sensitive than your average person. Having found this affordable alternative to the only other liquid glitter liner I use is not only great for my makeup habit but my wallet as well!