Monday, February 10, 2014

On The Shelf


MAC Satin Lipstick (Cyber)

MAC Lip Pencil (Nightmoth)

Purchase Price $16 + tax (Lipstick) $15 + tax (Lip Pencil)

Retailer  MAC Retail Store   

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Product Review:

This hauntingly dark plum is a Dark Cootie’s dream come true. Having ghostly pale skin can come in handy and this is one of those rare occasions. On the other end of the spectrum those with darker complexions will love this as well. The satin finish of this lipstick screams intense chic! As it glided over my lips thoughts of those who would want this color ranged from the espresso sipping hipster to the true gothic beauty wearing the most spectacular corset and mini top hat.

I’ve only had a few instances of stepping into the world of darker pigments for my lips and this is a great example of trusting your instincts. Having THE BEST shopping experience at MAC so far, the talented Alexa Hand applied Cyber in store and after seeing it I was instantly sold. Heck, Senior MAC Artist Amber Dreadon used this alongside Heroine to create a lip color for Grammy winner Lorde during this year’s Grammy ceremony last month!

Now using the duo of Cyber and Nightmoth works great. The burgundy lip liner also applied smoothly without any abrasive tugging of lesser quality lip pencils making lining and filling in after applying the lipstick simple. Be sure to stop by a MAC Retail Store to check these colors out in person.