Monday, February 17, 2014

On The Shelf


Evolution Of Smooth (EOS) Sweet Mint Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

Purchase Price $3.29 + tax

Retailer  Multiple (Walmart, Rite Aid, etc.) I received as a Gift

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Product Review:

After hearing the hype and seeing this little egg shaped ball of goodness springing forth from many purses this winter I was thrilled when my Aunt sent me one with my Christmas gifts.

With such an assortment of flavors and colors, if you are like me, makes it easy to coordinate with your hand or makeup bag. Being paraben and gluten free along with making their products from more organic materials is keeping EOS right on trend with the latest lip balm solutions. Now, the Sweet Mint taste does come through most likely because the stevia and peppermint oil combination. You also get that slight tingle when you apply this to your lips since the peppermint oil is so prominent.

The twist locking container ensures a sealed product so when it comes time to tuck this ball back in your bag you know it will not open. When it comes to size the price is very fair when comparing to other OTC brands but unfortunately that’s where my satisfaction ends. I did not feel as though this product lasted any longer than other brands or for that fact made any improvement to my dry or cracked lips. It simply felt like I had applied something to my lips that had a similar feel to other beeswax type products. I may need to try this again in a different flavor to see if perhaps it was just the Sweet Mint Sphere that I did not like. So the EOS brand will have to be revisited in the future.