Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Out Of The Closet

The following is a Q&A session I was able to have with Mercedes Porredon of MakeupbyMER and GlaMER Lips via email. With all her accomplishments she still remains humble and sincere. So it seemed only appropriate to finish out this month of love with her since I fell in love with her products. Go and check out for all her info and awesome products!


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Hi Susie! Oh please except my deepest apology for taking so long. I have been beyond busy, but not complaining. I feel extremely grateful & blessed. I wanted to finally get back with you and complete your Q & A...

1.What inspirations did you draw from to create such a great range of flavors for your lip scrubs? I know for myself personally, when I shop and I absolutely LOVE something, I always want more then one and it always helps if there's a variety to choose from. I also get excited and like when a line offers "Limited Edition" products, so I thought it be fun to do so with Holiday flavors like, pumpkin for Thanksgiving, Eggnog for Christmas & Champagne for New Years...just to name a few.

2.What are your 3 personal favorites from your line? I chew a lot of cinnamon gum and use cinnamon Altoids, so I guess I'm partial to that flavor. Plus it tingles and gives a little instant plump to my lips. Next, would have to be brown sugar and honey, cause it reminds me of cookies my mom use to make. I also love the lemon, because it reminds me of my grandma's favorite lemon cake.

3.Every post I see is just one more example of another happy customer.How pleased are you that your amazing products are making their rounds across IGers lips? Pleased is an understatement. I am beyond grateful and humbled by the post and comments that I am continuously getting for customers and others in the industry.It is absolutely surreal how fast social media can make a product grow and give it such great exposure. I feel so blessed.

4.Any chances we might see see you with products in tow at a future Imats or The makeup show in Orlando one november? I am a HUGE IMATS fan. I try to go every year to NYC and make a well needed mini vacation out of it. So, being a part of IMATS would absolutely be something I can see myself participating of in the very near future.

5.We love that you have conquered the fight on dry cracked lips , what are the chances of future products? The chances are good. I am getting a lot of feedback that the "men" are stealing all the balms and it's been a guilty pleasure of theirs to use the scrubs. There might be a little something for the boys soon. So stay tuned...

Again thanks for everything and keep up the great work.