Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Breakthrough Brands

Makeup Geek

Being a geek was seen as being uncool, nerdy, and all those other hideous terms of hurt, but one woman has made it completely trendy to be a “makeup geek”. Just over five years ago Marlena Stell followed her passion for makeup and began what has now become a vast foundation of knowledge and possible friendship through her website/blog/community that is MakeupGeek. This CEO and founder is a freelance MUA and educator so the obvious choice of starting her own Youtube channel appeared to be an easy transition. Many woman, both young and mature, have found her kind personality and great instructional videos extremely useful.

Since 2011 Makeup Geek launched a line of highly pigmented eye shadows comparable to MAC, in my opinion. Not only are there sixty different shades, so you can surely find a close match to your favorite colors from any brand, but they are simply AFFORDABLE at a steal for $5.99 a shadow. Having made my first purchase on May 7th 2012 Burlesque, a shimmery burgundy, and Chickadee, a dead on match to MAC’s Rule made it easy to see why Makeup Geek was going to last. During 2012 sixteen creamy non-drying lipsticks made their way to the public as well as ten iridescent pigments in 2013 that anyone would find a way to create a new look. And I can’t forget to mention the complete line of professional quality brushes that are adorned with the Makeup Geek name. And with the anticipation of blushes being in the works Marlena has made sure there are new products coming every year.

Not only does Marlena have her makeup educational/community website, which is a personal favorite, but visit to follow her personal blog to receive some insight into her world. Of course you can always follow her @MakeupGeek and find all things related by searching #MakeupGeek. This is a shining example of what having a strong support net of personal and professional friends can do. She has taken her followers through her personal struggles of weight loss, divorce, and even the loss of her Father. While being an open book she still remains positive and can even smile through the pain always having perfectly applied lipstick. Make sure to check out, if you haven’t already, to get great advice products and so much more!