Monday, March 17, 2014

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philosophy cinnamon buns

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Product Review:

Baked goods, homemade or otherwise, are a major part of our lives whether we realize it or not. From fresh cookies on a tray to muffins in a box the smells are unforgettable. And that’s where philosophy’s shower and bath gels come in. This month is philosophy’s 18th Birthday and the proof is in their products why they will be around to celebrate many more.

There are at least four different scents I have tried and loved them all, but cinnamon buns has that great fresh and sweet smell without being overbearing. The gel is a creamy white color and lathers very well as a shampoo or body wash. It has never left my skin feeling irritated or like there was a layer of film after rinsing it off similar to other shower gels. And don’t forget to add it to running water and it becomes a relaxing bubble bath that anyone will enjoy breathing in the warm aromas of cinnamon and warm sweet milk. Keeping it simple the philosophy shower and bath gels are packaged in clear bottles with black stamped printing of actual recipes of that product. These gels are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys their shower or bath time.