Monday, March 3, 2014

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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

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Product Review:

As every female knows when Aunt Flow comes to visit sometimes she brings baggage in the form of outbreaks. Let’s face it, blemishes happen but for that one week out of the month there’s that one zit that throws my makeup and facial cleansing routine into a tailspin. Having tried Mario Badescu’s Acne Serum without any noticeable difference I had no expectations of this product. That was until I saw a Youtube review posted by Jacklynn Hill, MUA and Youtuber, that mentioned the Drying Lotion as a skincare product she used.

The first thing you see when looking at the Drying Lotion is what you think is a separation of the product. Truth is, you are right. At the bottom of the bottle, which comes in your choice of glass or plastic both are recyclable, is the calamine to help calm itching and the yellowish liquid containing the acne fighting and drying components sits on top of it. DO NOT SHAKE, appears on the bottle letting you know it is supposed to stay separated. Application of this is simple just dip a cotton tipped swab into the bottle pull it out and press it onto the troubled spot. As with most OTC acne treatment products they all have a smell and this one is no different. Using this overnight is highly recommended as the medicinal smell lingers but also oddly relieves slight congestion problems, for me at least. Aside from the smell this Drying Lotion works. As if magic when applied to small whiteheads and red spots they almost totally disappeared overnight. For larger blemishes it takes a couple applications but they certainly go away much faster by using this then without.

Now if I only had this as a teenager I would have saved not only money but torturing my skin by using “medicated wipes” and creams that seem to do more harm than good. I definitely say this product is worth a try but remember a key ingredient in this is still Salicylic Acid so if you are sensitive to this be hesitant. The list of ingredients can be found on the Mario Badescu website along with legibly printed on the container. The Drying Lotion has earned its place in my closet and on my shelf.