Monday, December 29, 2014

My Top 5 of 2014!

For the final week of 2014, I wanted to recap my top five buys and mini reviews.
If you haven’t read them or want to get more info just click the dated link to take you to the On The Shelf for that specific product. Of course I could have picked a dozen products but these were the ones that got some of the most attention not only by me but readers and visitors of the Cootie Beauty Closet. 
Thanks for a wonderful year!

beautyblender micro-mini 9/22/2014

Purchase Price $17.95 + tax


Check out  for more product info

Beautyblender has done it again, these mini bundles of joy will truly change your life. Made of the same great open cell structure, water absorbing, soft and spongey quality material that doubles in size (just like its much bigger sister) that allows you to apply your favorite products in tighter places. Since size matters, believe me when I say being little in this case is a good thing, it fits perfectly in any cosmetic bag making it ideal for touch ups.

Lime Crime Lipstick Great Pink Planet 7/21/2014

Purchase Price $18 (Purchased NYC IMATS 2014)

Check out  for product info

This lipstick applies very well as it is super creamy. And of course a yummy scent of sweet vanilla always helps. This is one of those colors you’d see Barbie wearing, fun loving summer pastel pink with a unique twist. The formula is perfect in my opinion long wearing without drying your lips or staining which seems to happen with a lot of long wear colors.

Seaweed Night Cream 7/14/2014

Purchase Price $20 (1oz)

Retailer (Nordstrom, Ulta) 

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The cream itself is not greasy or oily in any way and instantly made my skin feel so much softer to the touch. Overnight as it worked its magic I woke up to soft supple radiant skin fully feeling moisturized and ready for the morning sun. This is one of those magic in a jar potions that anyone with sensitive skin or concerns of moisture loss would highly benefit from. 

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo 5/26/2014

Purchase Price $19.99 + S/H


Check out for product info

When it comes to switching colors this nifty tool has so far beat any wipe or cleaner with no wait time to dry. As the dirty bristles come into contact with the sponge and are agitated back and forth you can see a little cloud rising to makeup heaven, oh we will miss you colorful particles!

MAC Candy Yum Yum Matte Lipstick 6/09/2014

Purchase Price $16 + tax

Retailer Local MAC

Check out for product info

 Being a bold neon hot pink with slight blue tones makes this the perfect color for medium, tan, and ebony skin complexions. Do not think this color is merely going to fade or not be as vibrant once applied.